I won first prize for this poem at two different poetry contest two years in a row.


The missionaries leave their homes

Their family, friends, and all,

To travel far across the seas

In answer to God’s call.


They learn the language of the land

In order for to go,

And tell the natives of our God

Who cares and loves them so.


The natives in these foreign lands

To idols, they all go,

But idols neither hear nor speak

The Bible tells us so.


So the mission of  our people here

Is to take the Holy Word,

Of salvation from a living God

To those who never heard.


And we at home can do our part

As daily we do pray,

For God to keep them free from harm

While they are far away.


But let’s not forget our missionaries

That work for God at home,

And show God’s love to many

Who feel lost and all alone.


So let us all just do our part

For our missionaries dear,

Whether they be far away

Or whether they be near.


We’ll pray for God to guide them

As they teach His Word so true,

And support them with our pledges

As His work they gladly do.

Rev. Marie Yvonne.




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