Do you wonder at times just where your life is heading? You may not know where your path is taking you or even what your next step should be. One thing you can be absolutely sure of is what you need to know God will show you.

There will be times when things will seem hopeless and you will have to ask God for wisdom. We know that when we do God’s will that He is happy with us and He has given us a guidebook, the Bible to lead us step by step.

If we trust in Him and read His word, He will make it plain to us in which direction He wants our lives to go. Just be patient and walk with God. He will never steer you wrong.

When you’re drifting out there in the world
And all hope and faith seem lost,
When your burdened down with trials and cares
And defeat seems like your cost.

When sinking deep in miry clay
In quicksand, you seem to go,
When you cry for help but none is found
From friends, you use to know.

Do not despair you’re not alone
There’s a hand outstretched to you,
He’ll pull you from the miry clay
And walk along with you.

He promised He will be your friend
A friend that’s always true,
He’ll set your feet on solid rock
He’ll be that rock for you.

A friend that’s true, a Savour too
A Counselor and guide,
He’ll carry you through the mire and clay
If you walk by His side.

Rev.Marie Yvonne

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