When you have a problem that you can’t solve on your own, be it medical, relational, car problems or other, you would most likely go to an expert in any one of those fields. And with the cost of getting an expert opinion, you would most likely spend most of your time listening and getting all the professional advice you could for your money.

It is the same with consequential matters in your life, you want the best advice you can get so you can always go to your friends and maybe have a cup of coffee together and hear what they have to give, or you can pay a lawyer for his or her time which would be very costly. But why would you?

You do have another option, you can take your problems to God. He is an expert when it comes to everything concerning your life and His advise is free. But don’t spend all your time talking. He already knows what you need, if you do all the talking you will miss the life-giving counsel that you need. So when you go to God make the most of your time by listening.
The only payment He wants is your love.


When the cares of the day
Seem too much to bare
When your nights seem
Weary and long.
Do you sometimes cry out
To God in despair
How long OH Lord how long?

Do you wonder how long
These trials will last
And the uncertain days
cease to come
As you plead with God
To answer your prayer
How long OH lord how long.

Have faith and keep trusting
His promise is true
He’ll gladden your heart
With a song
Your burdens will lighten
He answers your prayer
Not long My Child, Not Long.

Rev. Marie Yvonne.

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