Home Tech “Google VS All Others”

I have great admiration for Google products; I use lots of them, but recently I am very deceived by these products like GSuite, that I cannot log in needed to create a different GSuite account. I’m losing access to this different account because not completed, in which I have no clue where to go on the next step; I did ask for help, didn’t work, the reply was I couldn’t use the support GSuite email anymore.

Annoying Google Assistant on Google Pixel cellular, it doesn’t work with my English with French accent, it pop up all the time because I disable it, and it like to be re-activate and run over my Waze, can’t see where I’m going.

I am very pleased with Google Nest Cam, many issues with Google Home App.

I recommend Amazon Alexa with Philip Hue, no issues until now, purchased in December 2019.

Avoid anything that says Geeni on it, a lot cheaper to buy and a lot cheaper quality performance. Geeni equipment cam and app they broke after six months of use, also a light burn. Try to change it on their web site, needed a zip code, do not have such, and Geeni.ca does not exist.

Also, avoid products that are not from the same company like buy Google Home Nest Hub, and don’t buy Lenovo’s screen issues cannot find info as easy as a real Google product. Lenovo phone supports not too good.

JBL 10 speakers perfect standing alone; don’t use with anything else. I mean Firestick or Roku, even Google Chromecast, Google Home Assistant doen’t work well also, you can lissen music from otter devices, work very well, ask our movers who play on two JBL 20 all day no downtime.

Amazon Fire Stick, other than using only one Bluetooth device, can connect at the same time, nothing to say against;

I have linked the stick in our bedroom to a Sonny Home Amp; when looking for the model at Sonny’s website, it says You haven’t registered a product yet; pretty sure that I have at least 5 or 6 products register. They suck too.

Happy with my Roku; I own two old models, a stick, and an RCA TV built-in.

Google Chromecast good to cast from your cell or other devices if you have an excellent network over the internet. I live in the country max that our provider can sell us is 10Mb down and 1Mb up. So posting a video on YouTube of two minutes took me four hours to upload.

Thank you for reading my posts, and don’t forget that everyone is entitled to my opinion.

Abp Eric Michel

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