They had a huge impact on my faith and life

All people mention here are preachers, writers, scientists or just role models. They lead me on the path of my faith that I live today, the way I understand it. By their publications, even if they are not the truth, they make me search to find the right one base on their writings.

From 1966 until now, they mark my life forever; I had found my conviction at the end of 2002 but couldn’t explain it until I cross YouTube videos by Delia Dello, who demonstrate the Universal Christ and be a catholic. Complemented by Robert Spitzer and Richard Rohr.

John Dominic Crossan
Photo Donald Vish
  • Most of the pictures are in public domain, the others I use in the terms of religious, not-for-profit and education,
  • The copyright quality images are not considered to meet the quality image guidelines.

Abp. Eric Michel

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