Our Topics

We have two days of worship, Friday-Saturday, for our Bapticostal Ministry.
And Sunday for our Methodist-Catholic Ministry.

The time spent with us at worship includes time for learning as it is in the word Iglesia the real meaning of church.

Here a list of topics covered in our gathering.

  1. Academic study,
  2. Archaeological,
  3. Beliefs,
  4. Bible,
  5. Books and Movies,
  6. Buddhism,
  7. Consciousness,
  8. Cosmic Christ,
  9. Discovery,
  10. EMMI,
  11. Evil and Devil
  12. Extrasensory perception,
  13. Golden Rule,
  14. History,
  15. Information,
  16. Jesus,
  17. laws of nature,
  18. Mathematic,
  19. Mother Earth Brother Sun Sister Moon,
  20. Multidimensional,
  21. Multiverse and Parallel World,
  22. Mythology,
  23. Neuroscience,
  24. Oneness,
  25. Paranormal,
  26. Philosophy,
  27. Religion,
  28. RTTM,
  29. Sacraments,
  30. Saints,
  31. Science,
  32. Sins,
  33. Spiritual,
  34. Supernatural,
  35. Telekinesis,
  36. Telepathy,
  37. UFOs,
  38. Unconditional Love,
  39. Unity,
  40. Universal (catholic),
  41. Universe,
  42. Worship

Abp. Eric Michel

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