The Bible of an Heretic

That is something that people do not understand, why we teach the Bible in our seminary EMMI Footsteps of Jesus and our Bible Academy.

We teach the Bible for what it is, NOT the word of God, but inspired by the Holy Spirit written by men. The book teach us how to behave in society; we use it in our worship lecture, sermons and teaching.

If the book was the real word of God, who gave permission to churches scribes to modify it: adding, substracting or even changing the texts. Not counting mistake when it was copied, wrong translation, but literally changing the sentences to embellish, or to prove a point. Compare the Catholic Bible to any Protestant Bible.

See YouTube: Misquoting Jesus in the Bible – Professor Bart D. Ehrman

Also see A Lamp In The Dark – The Untold History Of The Bible ~ Full Documentary, not only the scribe change the text, but also the house of editions, they want you to buy their version, so they make change to attract you.

We have in our library has fifty (50) Bibles of different versions. When we use a book to study we do not limited our self to read only in one version, but we use at lease three. Trick that I learn in a Book about the templar Baphomet, where it refer to a chapter who appears only in the Catholic Bible.

Today with electronic, we use software to study the Bible, this is the list:

  1. Verbum
  2. Bible Analyzer
  3. Bible Gateway
  4. Bible Hub
  5. The Blue Letter Bible Project
  6. Faithlife Logos Bible Software
  7. My Bible
  8. Oak Tree Software, Inc. Accordance
  9. The Online Bible (OLB)
  10. Olive Tree Bible Software
  11. The New English Translation
  12. The SWORD Project
  13. Sword Searcher
  14. WORD search Bible Software
  15. The Word
  16. You Version

Histoire de la Sainte Bible

Our oldest Bible in our collection, a Roman Catholic of 1891 in French. No chapters and verses like your Bible that you know, but similar to my Holy History a book that we had in primary classes.

Abp. Eric Michel

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