Mary Magdalena

Did Jesus had a wife?

Arguments from our virtual teachers, Bishop John Shelby Spong, Rabbi Michael Skobac and Bart D. Ehrman, Jesus was not married, we argue that it is in Jewish rules or laws that every man must be married, Rabbi Michael Skobac and Bart D. Ehrman says no because Essenen were not married. My argument is where it says that Jesus was an Essenen?

Our others virtual teachers, Simcha Jacobovici, James D. Tabor and Dr. Karen L. King says otherwise:

YouTube Video: Religion For Breakfast, Is the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife a Forgery?

YouTube: Religion For Breakfast, Was the Gospel of John Changed to Suppress Mary Magdalene?

YouTube: Harvard University, “Jesus said to them, my wife.”

YouTube Video: Simcha Jacobovici The Jesus Wife Papyrus Part1 and The Jesus Wife Papyrus Part2

YouTube Video: Simcha Jacobovici Pseudo Academia part 1 and Pseudo Academia part 2


We believe that Jesus was married to Mary Madelene and have two children.

YouTube: Simcha Jacobovici – The Lost Gospel

See Also: Jesus Dynasty and Jesus Had Only 6 Apostles

Our St. Thomas the Apostle, The Jesus Dynasty Ministry came from this book from our library:

From YouTube Video on Simon & Schuster Books Channel

James D. Tabor: “The Jesus Dynasty”

Abp. Eric Michel

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