Who are you praying to?

Muslims 1.8 billion worldwide in the picture the Mecca the Holiest sites in Islam
Jewish 14.6–17.8 million worldwide in the picture The Western Wall, Wailing Wall, originally erected as part of the expansion of the Second Jewish Temple begun by Herod the Great
Christianity 2.4 billion followers
Hindu 1.2 billion worldwide, picture Author: gbSk “Ganga Dashara, at Haridwar”
  • Muslim’s God?
  • Jewish’s God?
  • Hindu’s God?
  • Christian’s God?
  • Pagan’s God?

No matter which God you pray, no matter which name you give to Him, you are all praying the same God, because it has only one God, with many names and many paths to reach Him.

According to my understanding and supported by Fr. Robert Spitzer, God is not with us, he is a manifestation, an entity outside of our univers or multiverses. If he is not here who do we pray? God creation Big Bang, set up an emanation of Himself in the Cosmic Christ and also the Holy Spirit. Emanations that goes from and to all points of the universe. How we contact God or pray Him is by the science of Noetic, in which we connect to the Noosphere, place where all our thoughts goes including prayers, from there if your prayers is synch with to Noosphere it will result to the action requested. Now just imagine the numbers of people who pray (only on earth) how much yours need to be Effective, a perfect balance of energies between you and the Noosphere. A Great Open Diapason.

One God

Abp. Eric Michel

4 thoughts on “Who are you praying to?

  1. marieyvonne2012yahoocom 2020-12-09 — 17:02

    I believe that the natives had it right when they give thanks to the Great Spirit who provides us with our food and our medicine they knew how to live of the land from the things that the LORD provided for them until white man came along and decided that had to have many different gods that is why so many today do not know what god thay are praying to.


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