Mewe & Facebook Groups

We are having two groups online for our members, the Facebook group and the Mewe Group

These groups are for person who live in our sector from Ottawa-Gatineau down to the Montreal-St Jerome area and including Alfred-Hawkesbury . Our groups are for progressive Christians part of the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Association Ministry including:

  • Methodist Episcopal Nonconforming
  • Independent Baptist New Hope Ministry & Missions
  • Independent Catholic: Liberal Catholic, Progressive Catholic, Universal Catholic
  • Independent Pentecostal (Bapticostal)
  • Christian Unitarian

Joining a group of like-minded Christian on Social Media allows our organization’s human side to be more connected with our members. 

Many Christians are turning to apps and memes to express their faith instead of churches. 

A church is not about the brick and mortar. It comes from a Greek adjective meaning “belonging, or pertaining, to a Kyrios” (“Lord”). In standard Greek usage, the older word “ecclesia” literally “assembly,” “congregation,” or the place where such a gathering occurs) and the word was retained to signify both a specific edifice of Christian worship, a “church,” and the overall community of the faithful (the “Church”).  

A minister is a real person just like everyone else; he struggles with ups and downs and questions just as we all do. Using social media allows us to connect with our members and build relationships. You get to have personal experience to a church’s side outside our building, attracting new members and connecting effortlessly via smartphones.

Also, you can be part of our existing church online at 

Abp. Eric Michel

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