Our Church has the complete truth

Only we (Our Church) can give you the right answer.

It is not our case, when all other churches have closed their canons and their minds to the continued revelation, we carry on by discovering in our material world of archeology, history, journalistic investigation, and new thinking.

Each theological statement that we provide you with, the answer which is not a doctrinal answer, it can be change. Our free thinker members of EMMI explore the information, discuss and debate it before including it in our learning center. The task of the SUNS group of eleven in Hull, Quebec, from 1979 to 1993 was to do only that.

Each year at the Symposium, we add, remove, change our catechism to reflect our discovery. Example of this the Cosmic Christ, who was revealed to us in the years two thousands-nish.

Today SUNS, re-born like the phoenix in 2017, became a research ministry part of the RTTM, with the Footsteps of Jesus Seminary & Bible Academy and Harverstime Bible Academy.

If someone presents a new concept, a new theory, a new theology after debating and analyzing, it is suggested to all members at the annual Symposium for adaptation.

Abp. Eric Michel

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