I’m lost with your web addresses!!!

This is the links of all your Domains Titles and Address:

Please Note:

Some of our sites are in building process or repairs

  1. Our Virtual Church Worship: https://faithlife.com/iaoc-e/activity
  2. Main Site of the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry (IAoC): https://ericmichelministries.com or https://www.churches-association.ca
  3. Churches and Clergies Partnership request: https://ericmichelministries.com/Partnership/
  4. African Site: https://ericmichelministries.com/Africa/index.html
  5. African Blog: http://churchesassociation.africa/ and back up mirror: https://ericmichelministries.com/Blog/
  6. IAoC Blog: with Pentecostal Sermons: https://ericmichelministries.com/wpblog/
  7. EMMI Third Order of Saint Francis: https://www.ericmichelministries.com/TOSF/
  8. Secular Buddhism: https://www.ericmichelministries.com/secularbuddhism/
  9. Footsteps of Jesus Seminary & Bible Academy: the domain is canceled http://www.bible-academy.org and https://ericmichelministries.com/FoJSBA/index.html
  10. Footsteps of Jesus Seminary & Bible Academy and Bible Software for PC and Mobiles were merge at: https://www.ericmichelministries.com/Bible-Soft/
  11. EMMI Independent Catholic, Progressive, Liberal and Universalist: https://ericmichelministries.com/PCM/ or www.progressivecatholic.ca
  12. Blog of EMMI Independent Catholic, Progressive, Liberal and Universalist: https://thomasjudas.ca/ or www.eric-michel.org (This Site)
  13. Our Manse: https://ericmichelministries.com/Manse/index.html
  14. Google Blog: https://www.ericmichelministries.ca/ and site: https://sites.google.com/site/ericmichelministriesintl/home, both not working to much… see this post

Pages & Groups:

Private Network:

Facebook decided to terminate our Not-For-Profit site at workplace.com

Our Denominations:

  1. EMMI Independent Baptist: New Hope Ministry and Missions
  2. EMMI Evangelic (Uganda)
  3. EMMI Methodist Episcopal Nonconforming Conference
  4. Eric Michel Pentecostal Ministry ( The worship is Bapticostal)
  5. EMMI Independent Catholic Ministry

The Chaplaincy

Abp. Eric Michel

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