Exorcist a movie about the devil

Note from Abs. Eric Michel the devil doesn’t exit, love the movie, in our collection in DVD format and Blue Ray. Based on a real story by William Peter Blatty.

My post about devil https://thomasjudas.ca/2020/12/03/like-hell/

Answer to Are demons a myth or real? Did the 1973 Exorcist film spark people’s interest into the paranormal? Do people really get possessed? If so, what is the experience like? by Alexander Draganov https://www.quora.com/Are-demons-a-myth-or-real-Did-the-1973-Exorcist-film-spark-people-s-interest-into-the-paranormal-Do-people-really-get-possessed-If-so-what-is-the-experience-like/answer/Alexander-Draganov?ch=99&share=07d73af3&srid=JzUR

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