Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry: The Soul

The soul, the spirit, ghost are synonyms; it all means the same thing.

God, angels, your soul, Holy Spirit, guardian angels, even the devils (in which it doesn’t exist) all are the same substance. When it says that God created man in his image and resemblance, it wasn’t your physical body but your soul.

The spirit:

In the Catholic catechism 1960, it says at question # 17 Who is God? Answer: God is a pure spirit
Question #18: What is a spirit? Answer: A spirit is a being that is not material.
Question #19: What is a pure spirit? Answer: A pure spirit is a spirit that is not meant to be united with a body.

Heretic Comment: God and Angels are pure spirits. Jesus cannot be God because God is a pure spirit , He cannot be united with an human body. (Cannot find the real spelling for the word pur or pure, in my search I found even a purspirit re: pur spirit – Bing)

Note: when you use Google translate each time I wrote esprit, French for spirit, it is translated in to mind.

Well that one I keep, because in our teaching soul is the mind, better of the mind because the logical view on soul is thought. As God, the Thought created the univers.

This is NOT God

People need to stop giving God and spirits humans qualities and defaults. And they cannot do any physical operation as I read today in Quora: “Does Lucifer have bloodline?”

That’s a good one, still laughing. wondering if those people are suffering of spiritual abuse???

THE MATTER (Material)





God created our soul at His image and resemblance


A ghost who is spirited doesn’t walk around among us. You cannot talk to the spirit, with any mean including the Ouija Board; it is impossible.
Reference: Harry Houdini vs spiritists, including Connan Doyle’s wife.

I try to find a logical answer for mediums after seeing the video from of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) with Helané Wahbeh, her family are mediums or channelings persons, and she is researching this paranormal science at the institute.

I try to find a good answer to this, my theory is that medium do not contact any spirit, but base on the multiverses, we could exist at the same time in other verses, example is Adolf Hitler lost the war in 1945, in another verse he win the war, or another verse he never existed.

Question: is it possible that medium contact, we do not know how, someone from the other dimension or verse?

Multiverse Theory Brian Greene

Abp. Eric Michel

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