I like to be a chaplain!

About this post on October 16, 2020:

Most of all of our friends know us as an association of churches, but don’t know that we are first a community chaplaincy since 1988, I’m a member of the International Federation of Christian Chaplain since 2012.

Should the topic be read, as did you know?

I posted this because many of you are asking me on Facebook: “how your church is?”

To cut short, I always reply well; in my mind, I refer the question to the Chaplaincy. In reality, we do not have a church; we are not a church registered with the Government.

We are a Not-for-profit (NGO) Religious Corporation Chaplaincy.

We were not expecting a massive reaction to this post, asking us to be part of the Chaplaincy with a comment as “Am interested sir please sir.”

  • First, you need to be part as a member of Eric Michel Ministries International in which it has membership fees yearly as:

65.00$ CAD / 50.00$ US / 95,527.00$ BIF / 96,712.00$ CDF / 5,366.00$ KES / 18,800.00$ NGN / 37,353.00$ MWK. exchange are from October 19, 2020, this can change any time.

  • Second, you need to be a qualified Chaplain. The IFCC trains our staff in Canada and the USA. It is new now they provide online class training, so you need to attend via the Internet, and the fees are 372.00$ US. (www.certifiedchaplain.com)

When Certify by an accredited Bible School and paid your minister due, we can ordain you as a Clergy or Lay Chaplain.

Abp. Eric Michel

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