The EMMI African Association of Churches is a union of religious Christian communities and is open only to Churches and Para-Churches Corporation NGO’s, individual members within the Corporations. The Religious Corporations that are members are African only; any other need to request membership to the EMMI Interdenominational Assembly of Churches (IAoC)

  • The agreement of the association between different Christian denominations, individuals, and the Ecumenical Association IAoC recognizes the members’ membership and independence and maintains its own.
  • Each Christian domination agrees to admit members of the other communities to participate in the sacraments. Meaning a clergy person from a denomination ordination is valid across all our denominations.

The exception to these rules in celebrating sacraments the member theology and belief MUST be the same as the member’s denomination.

Example: A Christian Unitarian cannot be part of a Pentecostal or Methodist as a sacrament celebrant.

Suppose he/she doesn’t have the same belief, but the member can participate in the full of the worship celebration but need to abstain from taking part in communion.

In that case, unless that organization serves an open communion (Eucharist). The association IAoC of Christian Corporation requires from any member the acceptance of all Rules, Constitutions, Statutes, or Doctrinal opinion, Sacramental devotion, or liturgical practice characteristic to the others, but implies that each believes the others to hold all essential elements of the Christian Faith.

  • We duly authorized representatives of our respective corporations, as a sign of recognition that we are in mutual spiritual kinship and support within our denominations and Christian Churches.
  • The IAoC association’s agreement will be valid from the day that all parties in the partnership upon acceptance as a member of IAoC. According to the NGO or NFP corporation constitution in Canada, all members are Class “A” with all the membership privileges and the due fees are paid.
  • According to the NGO or NFP corporation constitution in Canada, all members are Class “B” with limited membership privileges, and the due fees are at no charge.

Abp. Eric Michel

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