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Most american call a “sect” of the name cult, and that is very wrong, in Canada (Quebec) the govvrnment give you a license with the name Minister of the cult meaning “Minister of Public Worship” no matter if you are a Pastor, a Priest, an Iman, a Rabbi we are all Minister of the cult.

sect is a subgroup of a religious, political, or philosophical belief system, usually an offshoot of a larger group. Although the term was originally a classification for religious separated groups, it can now refer to any organization that breaks away from a larger one to follow a different set of rules and principles.

In an Indian context, sect refers to an organized tradition

Cult is the “care” (Latin cultus) owed to deities and temples, shrines, or churches. Cult is embodied in ritual and ceremony. Its present or former presence is made concrete in temples, shrines and churches, and cult images, including cult images and votive offerings at votive sites

Charles Manson

This work was made by a California state government agency and is a public document pursuant to the California Public Records Act.

Charles Milles Manson (né Maddox; November 12, 1934 – November 19, 2017) was an American criminal and cult leader. In mid-1967, he formed what became known as the “Manson Family”, a quasi-commune based in California. His followers committed a series of nine murders at four locations in July and August 1969. Although the motive for the murders was disputed by Manson, the Los Angeles County District Attorney believed that Manson intended to start a race war. In 1971, he was convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder for the deaths of seven people, including the film actress Sharon Tate. The prosecution contended that, while Manson never directly ordered the murders, his ideology constituted an overt act of conspiracy.

Before the murders, Manson had spent more than half of his life in correctional institutions. When he began gathering his cult following, he was a singer-songwriter on the fringe of the Los Angeles music industry, chiefly through a chance association with Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys, who introduced Manson to record producer Terry Melcher. In 1968, the Beach Boys recorded Manson’s song “Cease to Exist”, re-titled “Never Learn Not to Love” as the B-side on one of their singles, but without a credit to Manson. Wilson and Melcher severed ties with Manson around early 1969.

The Los Angeles district attorney said that Manson was obsessed with the Beatles, particularly their 1968 self-titled album. Manson had claimed to be guided by his interpretation of the Beatles’ lyrics and adopted the term “Helter Skelter” to describe an impending apocalyptic race war. At trial, the prosecution submitted that Manson and his followers believed that the murders would help precipitate that war. Other contemporary interviews and those who testified during Manson’s trial insisted that the Tate and LaBianca murders were copycat crimes designed to exonerate Manson’s friend Bobby Beausoleil.

Manson’s notoriety as an emblem of insanity, violence, and the macabre has also influenced pop culture. Recordings of songs written and performed by Manson were released commercially, starting with Lie: The Love and Terror Cult (1970). Various musicians have covered some of his songs. Although originally sentenced to death, his sentence was commuted to life with the possibility of parole after the California Supreme Court invalidated the state’s death penalty statute in 1972. He served his life sentence at California State Prison, Corcoran and died at age 83 in late 2017.


Not to much incline to write about sects, in my book the Manson Ranch was not one at all, it was a group of young men and women living in common. They didn’t have books, rituals, prayers etc., did they even talk about a god???

Very sad and crual events of history, Mansons call himself Christ then the Devil, here a video that I found on YouTube yesterday.

Post in here to warn people who like to join extreme religious groups or other kinds like “Moise Thériault” and helps those seeking to shed their influence.

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