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Art Painting It contains the image of the tunnel with a light at the end

Near Death Experience

By: Blessed Hill

One of your many common experiences inside all person lives are near death experiences. Not single but several. In life, death is really just one wrong move away, whether you know it not there is a champion for life as well as a villain of death. The champion being God Almighty and the villain the devil, both fighting in the spiritual realm to either hold us on the path of life or lure us onto the path which leads to death. In my experience, I have come a cropper as they might call it, several times. These are a selection of stories of near death experiences, or attempted murders by the evil one. f you don’t already know the devil is trying to kill us. But God will often move heaven and earth to keep us on the road of life, while the ignorant devil continues to try and waylay us. Before my first birthday, my parents traveled to spend the weekend with my grandparent’s. My grandparents had transformed my uncle’s bedroom into a baby room for me, that had a full view of the road outside the house. My uncle being an avid huntsman had failed to remove one trophy from the bedroom, which just happened to be above my crib on the curtain railing. Now, the lower jaw of the warthog containing massive twelve inch tusks were not a threat to me, however my uncle had neglected it and left an giant can de-pacifier dangling on longest tusk. Before I state just what occurred next, I suppose I should tell you what happened before that. My mother and father were asleep in the other room, when my mothers sleep was interrupted by a bright light coming from my bedroom. As she came into the bedroom she noticed how the whole place was lit up by a golden light. There weren’t any vehicles in the street as well as no street lights to shine into the room. The glow was coming from a place just above my crib. My mother was unable to approach the crib the door, but yet felt I was in no danger whatsoever. And so, what happened with the giant candy pacifier? Well, what do you think? I couldn’t just leave it hanging there, so I raised myself up on shaky legs ,reached out, grabbed it and pulled! I got the giant candy pacifier, and the twelve12 inch tusk right in my head! My whole family came rushing into my room in response to my loud screams, where they found me holding the pacifier and a blood fountain coming out of the top of my head! For the rest of the story check out

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Jesus Appears to the Disciples

38 And He said to them, “Why are you troubled ,and why do doubts arise in your hearts?

39 “See My hands and My feet, that it is I Myself; touch Me and see, for a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have.”

40 And when He had said this, He showed them His hands and His feet.…

Luke 24

Do you believe in ghost?

According to a non scientific pole on a web site name “GHOULI” an Oklahoma’s most reputable resource for all things paranormal 78% do 5% don’t and 16% doesn’t know

Looking to learn about ghost hunter?

To know how to investigate haunted houses and document paranormal activity?

Considering becoming a certified ghost hunter?

Our courses are designed to give you an insight into the world of paranormal Investigation. If you possess an open mind, you will discover that paranormal Investigation is similar to the process of forensic investigation.


There is no such thing as a “Certified ghost hunter.”  Let’s be clear about this ‘ghost hunting’ business, it’s the branch of paranormal investigation with the biggest credibility problem. It is a myths, untruths stories, legends that are perpetuated over and over “Ghosts  do not exist”, We have no scientific data to prove the existence of ghosts.

As Christian or any of the Judaic branches, believe in ghost, 1st we have the holly ghost, than angels and demons all of them are spirits.

Wikipedia Definition Page


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An angel (from the Greek ángelos) is a supernatural being or spirit, often depicted in humanoid form with feathered wings on their backs and halos around their heads, found in various religions and mythologies. The theological study of angels is known as “angelology”. In Zoroastrianism and Abrahamic religions they are often depicted as benevolent celestial beings who act as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth, or as guardian spirits or a guiding influence. The term “angel” has also been expanded to various notions of spirits found in many other religious traditions. Other roles of angels include protecting and guiding human beings, and carrying out God’s tasks. In art, angels are often depicted with bird-like wings on their back,a halo, robes and various forms of glowing light. Etymology The word angel in English is a fusion of the Old English/Germanic word engel(with a hard g) and the Old French angele. Both derive from the Latin angelus which in turn is the romanization of the ancient Greek ἄγγελος (ángelos),”messenger”, “envoy”, which is related to the Greek verb ἀγγέλλω (angéllō) ,meaning “bear a message, announce, bring news of” etc. The earliest form of the word is the Mycenaean  a-ke-ro attested in Linear B syllabic script. The ángelos is the default Septuagint’s rendition of the Biblical Hebrew term mal’akh denoting simply “messenger” without specifying its nature. In the Latin Vulgate however the meaning becomes bifurcated: when mal’akh or ángelos is supposed to denote a human messenger, words like nuntius or legatus are applied. If the word refers to some supernatural being – the word angelus appears. Such differentiation has been taken over by later vernacular translations of the Bible, early Christian and Jewish exegetes and eventually modern scholars.

Belief in Angels

A 2002 study based on interviews with 350 people, mainly in the UK, who said they have

had an experience of an angel, describes several types of such experiences: visions,sometimes with multiple witnesses present; auditions, e.g. to convey a warning; a sense of

being touched, pushed, or lifted, typically to avert a dangerous situation; and pleasant

fragrance, generally in the context of somebody’s death. In the visual experiences, the angels described appear in various forms, either the “classical” one (human countenance with wings),in the form of extraordinarily beautiful or radiant human beings, or as beings of light.In the US, a 2008 survey by Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion, published by

TIME magazine, which polled 1,700 respondents, found that 55 percent of Americans, including one in five of those who say they are not religious, believe that they have been protected by a guardian angel during their life. An August 2007 Pew poll found that 68 percent of Americans believe that “angels and demons are active in the world”, and according to four different polls conducted in 2009, a greater percentage of Americans believe in angels (55%) than those who believe in global warming (36%).According to the Gallup Youth Survey, in a Teen Belief in the Supernatural poll in 1994, 76% of 508 teenagers (aged 13–17) believe in angels, a greater percentage than those who believe in astrology, ESP, ghosts, witchcraft, clairvoyance, Bigfoot, and vampires. In 1978, 64% of American young people believed in angels; in 1984, 69% of teenagers believed in angels; and by 1994, that number grew to 76%, while belief in other supernatural concepts, such as the Loch Ness monster and ESP, has declined. In 1992, 80% of 502 surveyed teenage girls believe in angels, and 81% of Catholic teens and 82% of regular church attendees harbored beliefs in angels. According to another set of Gallup polls, designated towards all Americans, in 1994,72% of Americans said they believed in angels, while in 2004, 78% of the surveyed Americans indicated belief in angels, with the percentage of Americans that did not believe in angels dropping from 15% to 10%, and the percentage of Americans that were “not sure” dropping from 13% to 11%. A 2008 survey of over 1000 Canadians found 67 percent believe in angel.

I (REM) personally do not believe in possessions, appearances, spirit contacts, poltergeist, spirit  or anything connected or indirectly has paranormal activity. Many told me about it but personally I’ve never seen any, I started oddly by pure chance during a work essay  8th grade in the school year 1966-67 UNDER EMMI. I had no idea about the subject to choose from, almost at the lastminute through near the buffet ( kind of office cutlery and crockery) or my father left a paper, journal club UFO, from the newspaper I present my work and my teacher Jean Claude Cormierg ave me a score of 80%, 20% off for spelling mistakes … (unfortunately)First book to buy , I do not remember the author, I saw flying saucers, from one thing to an other I read everything about the paranormal, it attracted me as a reader, but nothing more because I ‘m not an avid believer (smile) …As a skeptic i followed the footsteps of Louis Bélanger and Christian R. Page, I approach my investigations not prove the presence of spirits but rather to prove that there are none. Phenomena always has a scientific explanation or at less logical one. Like everyone else I followed the television who say’s they where serious, not the Twilight Zone kind or other similar, but like the last Ghost Hunter, no series has successfully shown us a ghost, A & E aired lot of shows but no proof was given.

Believe it or Not .

Are you in trouble with a ghost or any paranormal activities?

We will investigate with a team like the Paranormal Research Society of Quebec (SPRQ) or people from the forum “The Paranormal ” or other. The costs are generally small, gasoline, batteries, gifts, but this can change without notice. So before doing anything I will find out.

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